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Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide

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Mounting Media

VectaMount® Permanent Mounting Medium is an optically clear formula for permanently preserving histochemical stains or precipitable enzyme substrates in tissue sections or cell preparations.

  • Non-aqueous
  • Toluene- and xylene-free (low toxicity)
  • Resin-based media
  • Odorless
  • Viscosity formulated for easy application and uniform spreading
  • Compatible with most horseradish peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase substrates
  • Dries clear with an ideal refractive index suitable for high-resolution oil-immersion microscopy

VectaMount AQ Aqueous Mounting Medium

VectaMount AQ Aqueous Mounting Medium preserves the color and clarity of enzyme substrates whose reaction products are soluble in alcohol or other organic solvents. Stained and mounted sections can be stored in a slide box at room temperature for at least two years without fading.

  • Hard-setting
  • Simple to use, requires no mixing
Product Catalog Number
VectaMount® Permanent Mounting Medium H-5000-60
VectaMount® AQ Aqueous Mounting Medium H-5501-60
Substrate VectaMount® Permanent
Mounting Medium
VectaMount® AQ Aqueous
Mounting Medium
Vector® DAB

Vector® DAB-Ni



Vector® VIP


Vector® NovaRED®


Vector® SG


Vector® AEC  



Vector® TMB

Vector® Red

ImmPACT® Vector® Red

Vector® Blue

Vector® Black

Vector® BCIP/NBT

Melanoma Methyl Green Counterstain Melanoma Methyl Green Counterstain Vectorlabs Melanoma methyl green counterstain Vectorlabs
Melanoma: S100 (rp), VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC Kit, Vector VIP (purple), Vector Methyl Green counterstain (green). Note color contrast with brown pigments in tissue.
Colon Amec Red Colon Amec Red Vectorlabs Colon amec red Vectorlabs
Colon: • CD3 (rm), ImmPRESS® Reagent (HRP) Anti-Rabbit IgG, ImmPACT SG (blue-gray) • Cytokeratin AE1/AE3 (m), ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP) Anti-Mouse IgG, ImmPACT AMEC Red (red).
Cytospin of Ebv Novared Cytospin of Ebv Novared Vectorlabs Cytospin of ebv novared Vectorlabs
Cytospin of EBV+ cell line: Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA-1; rat), ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP) Anti-Rat IgG, ImmPACT NovaRED (red). (Image courtesy of Dr. GM Reynolds, Centre for Liver Research, University of Birmingham, U.K.)
Tumor Red Ap Substrate Tumor Red Ap Substrate Vectorlabs Tumor red ap substrate Vectorlabs
Tumor: • CD34 (m), VECTASTAIN Universal ABC-AP Kit, Vector Blue AP Substrate (blue) • Cytokeratin 8/18 (m), VECTASTAIN Universal ABC-AP Kit, Vector Red AP Substrate (red).
Breast Carcinoma Red Ap Substrate Magenta Breast Carcinoma Red Ap Substrate Magenta Vectorlabs Breast carcinoma red ap substrate magenta Vectorlabs
Breast carcinoma: • CD31 (m), ImmPRESS Anti-Mouse IgG HRP Reagent, ImmPACT DAB EqV HRP Substrate (brown) • MRC1 (r), ImmPRESS- AP Anti- Rabbit IgG Reagent, ImmPACT Vector Red AP Substrate (magenta). Image courtesy of Richard Allen, part of the Academic Unit of Inflammation and Tumour Targeting headed by Professor Claire Lewis.
Melanoma Blue Ap Substrate Melanoma Blue Ap Substrate Vectorlabs Melanoma blue ap substrate Vectorlabs
Melanoma: Vimentin (rm), ImmPRESS-AP Anti-Rabbit IgG Reagent, Vector Blue AP Substrate (blue). Note color contrast with brown pigments in tissue.