Please find below free resources that will help you to optimize your assays. Please select one or more brochures from the list in the form, enter your contact information, and submit, and we will be happy to send you these resources free of charge. Otherwise, feel free to download and browse.

Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide

The Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide will help you navigate through the many choices of detection systems, substrates, and ancillary reagents that complete your workflow.

Lectins Application and Resource Guide

The Lectins Application and Resource Guide is a content rich educational booklet that provides insight into how lectins are applied in biological sciences. With a focus on plant derived lectins, the guide showcases the flexibility and utilization of lectins and lectin conjugates in established lab applications. Learn more about this guide.

Bioconjugation White Paper

Learn about quantitative and reproducible bioconjugation with the SoluLINK® technology platform which provides novel methods to quickly, easily and quantifiably link proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecules to enzymes, fluorophores, haptens and other biomolecules. 

Automated IHC Protocols using ImmPRESS Polymer Reagents

We have produced an Application Note describing the use of our ImmPRESS HRP polymer on three popular autostainers: Dako Autostainer Plus, Leica Bond Rx, and Ventana Discovery Ultra. The Application Note includes complete staining protocols for each system and images of stained tissue sections obtained using the protocols.

IHC Multiplexing Guide

A valuable resource for those considering localizing two or more antigens in the same tissue section. Protocols for chromogenic detection are accompanied by schematic illustrations of the procedures. A chart of all pair-wise combinations of substrates is included along with photographic examples. Practical tips regarding order of substrates, blocking, and proper controls are also provided.

Immunofluorescence Resource Guide

Producing immunofluorescence (IF) staining results with high specificity and sensitivity begins with choosing the best reagents.  This guide will help you:

  • Learn about the IF workflow and how to optimize each step
  • Quickly identify and choose the most appropriate fluorescent secondary conjugates
  • Select the best anti-fade medium to preserve your fluorescence signal for imaging and archiving

Enzyme Substrates Brochure

In addition to photomicrographs which help the user visualize the color that is generally produced by each substrate, this brochure contains information on substrate properties especially useful for those who wish to multiplex (or introduce multiple labels in the same tissue section):  table of substrate properties, a schematic of relative senstitivities of substrate formulations, and a table of pairwise substrate compatibility.

Troubleshooting Guide for ABC Systems

A quick reference guide that outlines the systematic controls to help identify background sources in an immunohistochemistry protocol using ABC systems.  Also troubleshoot issues of weak or no staining. Laminated.

Troubleshooting Guide for Polymer Kits

A quick reference guide that outlines the systematic controls to help identify background sources in an immunohistochemistry protocol polymer detection systems.  Also troubleshoot issues of weak or no staining. Laminated.

Troubleshooting Mouse Primaries on Mouse Tissue

This guide for troubleshooting mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue describes some common difficulties encountered in this procedure and details strategies for customizing the M.O.M. Kits to address them.

TrueVIEW Autofluorescence Quencher Brochure

For those wanting additional details on the simple protocol and mode of action of the TrueVIEW Autofluorescence Quenching Kit, this brochure contains clear, concise scematics, comparision data with other types of quenchers, and customer testimonials.

ImmPRESS® Polymer Detection Brochure

This ImmPRESS Enzyme Polymer brochure describes ImmPRESS micropolymer technology and includes schematics to help the user choose the most appropriate format for their application.

Comprehensive Staining Kits to Simplify your IHC Workflow

Individual kits with essential IHC workflow components in prediluted, ready-to-use formats, end-users are empowered with more consistent results through reduction of assay variables, avoiding the uncertainty of using mismatched reagents and ultimately saving time.

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