Selected Vector kit instructions and associated protocols are listed below in PDF format. If you are unable to obtain the desired information please contact Vector technical service or your local Vector Labs distributor for further assistance.

Biotin Labeling Reagents

PHOTOPROBE ® Biotin (User Guide) (SP-1000-.5,SP-1020-.5)

ImmPRESS® Polymerized Reporter Enzyme Staining System

In Situ Hybridization

In Situ Hybridization Detection Protocol (A-2011-1,BA-0300-.5,BA-0601-.5,H-1000-10,H-1200-10,H-1300-10,H-1400-10,H-1500-10,H-5000-60,H-5501-60,MB-1220-100,SA-5100-1,SK-5400,SP-5000-18,H-1700,H-1800)

Biotin Quantitation Kit

Thiol-Reactive Labeling Reagents