Unlock deeper biological insights with glycobiology

Unlock deeper biological insights with glycobiology

From tumor progression to viral capture to drug discovery, scientists are exploring the role of glycan modifications in normal and disease states. Lectins are the key to help you profile, characterize, and capture complex glycans in biological systems or leverage functional assays to ask questions that were previously beyond reach. Founded on a growing portfolio of purified lectins and lectin conjugates, Vector Laboratories supports the ability to profile, characterize, and capture complex glycans in biological systems.

Confidence in your results

You can always count on accurate, reproducible results. We source our lectins directly from native plant material and use defined extraction and purification methodologies, ensuring that what you order is consistent between lots.

Vector Laboratories Glycobiology products: confidence in your results
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Flexible to meet your needs

Lectins are a multipurpose tool that brings simplicity and flexibility to your experiments. The same molecule offers compatibility across immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, affinity chromatography, cell culture, among other techniques.

Tools you can trust

Scientists around the world trust Vector Laboratories products, backed by over 25,000 peer-reviewed publications in glycobiology. Binding characteristics of select lectins are independently validated by the National Center for Functional Glycomics.

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Resources to help you get started

Lectins Application and Resource Guide

Lectins Application and Resource Guide

Explore how lectins can help your research with tips, workflows, publications and more.

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Glycans and sugars and lectins

Glycans and sugars and lectins ... Oh my!

Learn the essentials of carbohydrates and their importance in cellular functions.

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Lectin 101 & Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Lectins 101 & Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Discover how lectins are enhancing our understanding of cancer biology.

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Glycobiology tools to power your research


Lectin Screening Kits

Lectin screening kits provide a panel of lectins or lectin conjugates selected to provide a variety of sugar binding preferences. The smaller volumn unit sizes in these kits are of the same high quality as individually offered lectin units.

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All lectins manufactured by Vector Laboratories are extracted from a native plant source (i.e. seeds, bulbs, fruit, etc.) and are not recombinant. Lectins are grouped based on their monsaccharide binding preferences.

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Antibodies to Lectins

Anti-lectin antibodies are offered in unconjugated or in biotinylated formats. In some applications, using biotinylated anti-lectins in conjunction with unlabeled lectins may provide greater sensitivity than using biotinylated lectins alone.

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Inhibiting Sugars and Eluting Solutions

While the eluting solutions are primarily used in lectin agarose column and slurry preparations, inhibiting sugars, when combined with lectin solutions, have appeal as negative controls to prevent binding in IHC, IF, ELISA and blotting applications.

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Independent assessment of lectins by the National Center for Functional Glycomics (NCFG)

A selection of Vector Laboratories lectin products is independently assessed by the NCFG using the NCFG glycan arrays and the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) glycan arrays, providing researchers with detailed glycan-binding specificity. This data is available to the public on the NCFG website.

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