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Explore dPEG® with Quanta BioDesign, now part of Vector Labs

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Expert guided custome linker design
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Uniform PEG Crosslinkers

Single molecular weight, high purity dPEG® crosslinkers yield clean conjugates and simplify analysis.

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Sidewinder™ Payload Delivery Reagents

Designable, flexible Sidewinder™ reagents allow orthogonal positioning of multiple diagnostic and therapeutic agents along a flexible dPEG® backbone with modifiers to improve targeting and protect from degradation or premature payload release..

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AQuora® Dyes

Bright, water-soluble AQuora® dyes show no non-specific background staining even at high degrees of labeling. Highly labeled antibodies stay in solution.

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Uniform PEG Amino Acids

Increase peptides' flexibility and water solubility and reduce immunogenicity with dPEG® amino acids.

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Uniform Branched PEG Modifiers

Modify BD and PK for better targeting and performance of your diagnostic or therapeutic agent with our branched dPEG® modifiers.

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Biotin and Digoxigenin labeling reagents

Water-soluble dPEG® biotin reagents eliminate non-specific binding and improve SNR.

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dPEG® Building Blocks and Linkers

Biotinylation Reagents

Building Blocks


What Makes dPEG® Extraordinary?

Vector’s building blocks and protected
linkers enable SuperHydrophilic™ constructs
and peptide modifications via our
world-famous dPEG® products. Our
simple-to-use products transform
hydrophobic peptides into hydrophilic
products. Moreover, the single molecular
weight, discrete-length PEG chain (i.e., dPEG®)
simplifies peptide analysis compared to
dispersed PEG linkers that contain a range of
PEG chain lengths and molecular weights.

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Figure 1: Side-by-side comparison of actual mass spectra from a traditional, dispersed PEG (left spectrum) and a dPEG® of equivalent mass from Vector's QBD (right spectrum). The mass spectrum on the left is of PEG1000. It has Mw = 1027 Daltons; Mn = 888 Daltons; and Đ = 1.16. The masses in this dispersed PEG range from 600 – 1,500 Daltons. The mass spectrum on the right is of Vector's QBD product number 10317, amino-dPEG® 24-acid, the structure of which is shown across the top of the two mass spectra. PN10317 is a single molecular weight compound with a single, discrete chain length. The molecular weight of PN10317 is 1146.355 Daltons. Because it has no dispersity, Đ = 1.