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VectaCell™ Trolox Antifade Reagent for Live Cell Imaging (CB-1000-2)



VectaCell Trolox is an antifading additive for live cell imaging. It is a stock solution of the antioxidant Trolox (6-hydroxy-2,5,7,8-tetramethylchroman-2-carboxylic acid) in filtered ethanol. Trolox is a water-soluble and cell-permeable analog of vitamin E that efficiently prevents formation of various reactive oxygen species, such as singlet oxygen (O2), superoxide anion (O2) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).


Unit Size2 ml
ApplicationsImmunofluorescence, Cellular Imaging
Concentration100 mM (in ethanol)
Recommended UsageInstructions for use: Dilute the Trolox Solution into culture media or imaging buffer to a final concentration between 0.1 mM and 1 mM. Notes: The optimal working concentration of Trolox in imaging media will depend on the cell type and their tolerance to hypoxia. For cells that have low tolerance to hypoxia, or can be affected by the addition of ethanol, the appropriate controls should be included in the assay.
Recommended Storage2-8 °C

Technical Information

VectaCell Trolox contains both Trolox and its oxidized form Trolox-quinone. This system reduces photo-bleaching and blinking during live cell imaging,1, 2 and has also been shown to have a cytoprotective effect and low cytotoxicity for different cell lines.3

Trolox has been used to reduce fluorophore bleaching1 as well as the fluorophore blinking2 during the observation of fluorescent labels. Although the mechanism is not completely understood, it has been attributed to the combination of its oxygen-scavenger capacity that prevents oxidative bleaching and the complementary reduction reaction that helps prevent blinking.

VectaCell Trolox is supplied as a convenient 100 mM stock solution.


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