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Avidin DN (A-3100-1)



Avidin DN is isolated by an affinity chromatographic system that results in a form of avidin which, like Avidin DH, exhibits very low nonspecific binding to nucleic acids. Although the reasons for this property are not fully understood, this feature can be exploited when using biotin-avidin detection systems with biotin-labeled DNA or RNA probes for in situ or nitrocellulose hybridization techniques.


Unit Size1 mg
ApplicationsIn situ hybridization, Blotting Applications
Solution50 mM sodium bicarbonate, pH 8.2, preservative
Recommended UsageThe recommended concentration range for use is 10-20 µg/ml. This product is designed for use with biotinylated nucleic acids.
Recommended Storage2-8 °C
Concentration1.0 mg/ml
Detection TargetBiotin


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