Enzyme Substrates

Proprietary, easy-to-use enzyme substrates and kits

Vector's unique peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme substrates offer:

  • Novel color choices — stain antigens in pigmented tissues and melanomas, or localize multiple antigens in a single tissue section
  • Visibility under brightfield, darkfield, or electron microscopy
  • Unique spectral profiles — useful for antigen colocalization using spectral imaging systems

Our enzyme substrate kits supply the reagents in convenient dropper bottles. This allows you to handle chromogens safely and easily, and eliminates wait times for mixing and dissolving powders or tablets. 

Explore Enzyme Substrates (Chromogens)

Vector Labs offers alkaline phosphatase (AP) substrates suitable for several applications including cell and tissue based staining (IHC, IF, ISH), ELISA's and blotting.

Vector Labs offers peroxidase (HRP) substrates suitable for several applications including cell and tissue based staining (IHC, ISH) and blotting.


Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide

The Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide will help you navigate through the many choices of detection systems, substrates, and ancillary reagents that complete your workflow.


IHC Multiplexing Guide

A valuable resource for those considering localizing two or more antigens in the same tissue section. Protocols for chromogenic detection are accompanied by schematic illustrations of the procedures.
A chart of all pair-wise combinations of substrates is included along with photographic examples. Practical tips regarding order of substrates, blocking, and proper controls are also provided.


Enzyme Substrates Brochure

In addition to photomicrographs that help the user visualize the color that is generally produced
by each substrate, this brochure contains information on substrate properties that are especially useful for those who wish to multiplex (or introduce multiple labels in the same tissue section): A table of substrate properties, a schematic of relative senstitivities of substrate formulations, and a table of pairwise substrate compatibility are also included.