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Webinar — Influencing Antibody Drug Conjugates through linker design

On-demand webinar covering the fundamentals of linker design in ADC development and the exploration of various linker structures for optimized ADC performance

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are one of the fastest growing modalities of treatment for various cancers. Over the past decade or so, the field of medicine has undergone a revolutionary advancement in the requirements for drug performance. To match this level of increasing performance stringency, it is critical for ADC design and development to be enhanced to overcome the challenges such as low solubility, high aggregation, off target toxicity, low target uptake, low stability and poor physicochemical properties. This enhancement has already been catalyzed in part by recent advances in bioconjugation strategies and linker-payload technologies. However, we are still very far from getting to ADC design and development nirvana. This webinar will help you elevate your understanding of the role of linkers in ADC design and gain actionable insights for accelerating your biotherapeutic design journey – thereby taking you one step closer to ADC perfection.

Within the webinar, we have explored:

  • The fundamentals of the role of linkers in ADC design
  • The use of novel linkers platforms with linear, branched, SideWinder, BodyArmor and Scaffolded architectures with hydrophilic modifiers, and charged moieties to overcome top challenges with payload hydrophobicity, DAR optimization and the fine-tuning of physiochemical properties of an ADC candidate
  • A complete toolbox to BioDesign your ADC
  • And much more!


Jackson Vectorlabs Jackson Vectorlabs
Dr. Dowdy Jackson
Consultant, Jackson Consulting Group
Dr. Jackson has 24 years of experience leading teams at large pharmaceutical companies and medium to small size biotech companies. Along with his colleagues, he has developed several ADCs and advanced them from preclinical development through clinical development and approval, including the Nectin-4 ADC, Enfortumab vedotin, which was approved by the FDA for bladder cancer.
Giese Vectorlabs Giese Vectorlabs
Matthew Giese
Senior Scientist, Vector Laboratories
Dr. Giese is a Senior Scientist at Vector Laboratories and has worked in both large pharmaceutical companies and small start-ups. He has experience in discovery chemistry – synthesizing small molecule therapeutics, analytical chemistry – developing validated analytical assays for secondary metabolites, synthetic chemistry – preparing hydrophilic crosslinkers and labeling reagents for bioconjugates, and biconjugate chemistry – constructing conjugates of peptides, proteins, and antibodies.

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Webinar Transcript
Like getting into the weeds? Prefer to read? Access the transcript here.
Webinar Q&A
Detailed answers to questions from the audience.