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WestVision™ Peroxidase Polymer, Anti-Mouse IgG (Western Blot Detection) (WB-2000-.8)



Highly active WestVision™ Peroxidase Polymer antibody conjugates are western blot detection reagents. These reagents are:

  • Sensitive
  • Convenient
  • Economical

    WestVision™ Peroxidase Polymer antibody conjugates bind primary antibodies of mouse (WB-2000) or rabbit (WB-1000) origin with high affinity, producing sharp signal and low background in western blot detection. The conjugates are based on a new method of polymerizing enzymes and attaching these polymers to antibodies. The novel approach employed to form enzyme polymers avoids the use of large dextrans or other macromolecules as a backbone. Attaching these unique polymers to an antibody allows a higher density of enzymes to access a target with minimal interference. The result is an excellent signal-to-noise-ratio in western blot detection.


Unit Size 0.8 ml
Applications Blotting Applications, Elispot
Recommended Usage Suggested working dilution range: Chromogenic substrates: 1:500-1:5000 Chemiluminescent substrates: 1:5,000-1:200,000
Solution 50 mM HEPES, 100 mM Na2SO4, pH 6.8, preservative.
Recommended Storage 2-8 °C, DO NOT FREEZE
Concentration 5.0 mg/ml conjugate
Technology Micropolymer Reagents
Detection Enzyme(s) Peroxidase
Conjugate Micropolymer HRP
Target Species Mouse
Host Species Horse
Format Concentrate


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