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VECTASTAIN® ABC-AmP Reagent (Standard, Western Blot Detection) (AK-6000)

The product has been discontinued

Please contact Technical Support @ [email protected] for assistance in finding alternative.


The VECTASTAIN ABC-AmP is an amplified ABC alkaline phosphatase reagent for the detection of mouse or rabbit primary antibodies on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. The signal can be visualized using either a chemiluminescent / chemifluorescent or a chromogenic substrate. Used with the DuoLuX Chemiluminescent / Chemifluorescent Substrate, the VECTASTAIN ABC- AmP system produces a very high and sustained light emission signal, with low background, and permanent fluorescence.


  • Uses biotin/streptavidin technology
  • Can detect as little as 1 pg target protein when used with DuoLuX Substrate
  • Standard Kit contains Reagent A and Reagent B only
  • Sufficient reagents to develop twenty 100 cm2 blots


Unit Size1 kit
ApplicationsBlotting Applications, Elispot
TechnologyABC (Streptavidin/Biotin) Systems
Detection Enzyme(s)Alkaline Phosphatase
Target SpeciesNo antibody included

Kit Contents:

  • 0.5 ml Reagent A and 0.5 ml Reagent B


Technical Information

Greater sensitivity can be achieved by using an amplified detection procedure. Our biotin/avidin and biotin/streptavidin systems introduce a large number of enzymes to the target site providing signal amplification while maintaining low background.

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