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VectaFluor™ Duet Immunofluorescence Double Labeling Kit, DyLight® 594 Anti-Rabbit (red), DyLight® 488 Anti-Mouse (green) (DK-8828)



VectaFluor Duet Kit offers maximum convenience to achieve immunofluorescence double labeling in one step. This kit includes a ready-to-use detection reagent that will detect mouse and rabbit primary antibodies with green and red DyLight fluorescent dyes in a single step.  Our affinity purified, extensively cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies are conjugated to DyLight dyes in a manner that ensures maximum degree of labeling without compromising antibody affinity or specificity. VectaFluor Duet is compatible with fluorescence staining of cells and tissues.


  • Robust cocktail formulation of DyLight anti-mouse IgG/anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibodies
  • Affinity-purified, ultrapure, high affinity antibodies


Unit Size1 kit
Target SpeciesUniversal (Mouse/Rabbit)
ConjugateDyLight 488/DyLight 594
Color of FluorescenceKit (Green, Red)
Host SpeciesHorse

Kit Contents:

  • 15 ml 2.5% Normal Horse Serum (ready-to-use) for blocking
  • 15 ml VectaFluor Duet Reagent [DyLight 594 Anti-Rabbit IgG and DyLight 488 Anti-Mouse IgG cocktail (rabbit-red, mouse-green)] made in horse

Technical Information

Kit Contents:

  • 15 ml 2.5% Normal Horse Serum (ready-to-use) for blocking 
  • 15 ml VectaFluor Duet Reagent [DyLight 594 Anti-Rabbit IgG and DyLight 488 Anti-Mouse IgG cocktail (rabbit-red, mouse-green)] made in horse, ready-to-use in 5% NHS. 


DyLight 488:

  • Excitation maximum:   493 nm
  • Emission maximum:  518 nm
  • Color:  Green


DyLight 594:

  • Excitation maximum:   592 nm
  • Emission maximum:  617 nm
  • Color:  Red


DyLight fluorescent dyes are direct alternatives to traditional fluorophores such as fluorescein (FITC) and rhodamine. The excitation and emission spectra parallel that of other commercially available fluorescent reagents allowing for easy substitution into an existing protocol without requiring any further instrumentation or filter sets.  

DyLight dyes offer a number of potential advantages including greater photostability and brighter fluorescence.  DyLight dyes are completely stable over a pH range of 4-9 making them compatible with many aqueous-based buffers and diluents. The DyLight dyes can be applied as single labels or in combination with other DyLight dyes and fluorophores as part of a multiple immunofluorescent antigen staining methodology.  The Dylight dyes currently offered are DyLight 488 (green), DyLight 549 (orange), DyLight 594 (red), and DyLight 649 (far red).

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