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M.O.M.® (Mouse on Mouse) Immunodetection Kit, Basic (BMK-2202)



The M.O.M. Basic Kit is useful in any mouse-on-mouse application, such as studies in genetically engineered mice, including transgenic and knock-out models, as well as mouse xenografts. The M.O.M. Kit can be also used in multiple antigen staining protocols to localize two different mouse primary antibodies on the same mouse tissue sections using fluorescent or enzyme-based detection systems. 

Key advantages of the Vector M.O.M. Immunodetection Kits:

  • Significant reduction of endogenous mouse Ig staining when using mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue
  • Clear, crisp specific staining of antigens of interest
  • Based on VECTASTAIN® ABC reagent protocols
  • No tedious calculations or antibody prebinding steps required
  • Contains enough stock reagents to produce about 25 ml of working solution, which is generally sufficient to stain approximately 250 tissue sections.


Unit Size1 kit
ApplicationsImmunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence
TechnologyABC (Avidin/Biotin) Systems, Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) Systems
Target SpeciesMouse
Blocking ActionEndogenous Mouse Ig

Kit Contents:

  • 6 ml of M.O.M. Protein Concentrate
  • 1 ml M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent
  • 0.1 ml M.O.M. Biotinylated Anti-Mouse IgG Reagent

Product FAQs

Vector Laboratories’ Mouse on Mouse detection kits (M.O.M.®) are designed for the detection of mouse IgG primary antibodies on mouse tissue sections. For detecting mouse primary antibodies on rat tissue, we offer a selection of anti-mouse, rat adsorbed secondary detection reagents. These are intended to be used for this application and would generate the most optimal signal to noise staining ratio. We offer a biotinylated anti-mouse IgG, rat adsorbed secondary antibody (Cat. No. BA-2001) for use with VECTASTAIN® ABC kits or avidin and streptavidin enzyme conjugates. Alternatively, we offer an ImmPRESS® HRP polymer anti-mouse IgG, rat adsorbed detection kit (Cat. No. MP-7422) for a convenient, one-step IHC methodology.


Technical Information

Four M.O.M. Kits are available. The three kits based on avidin/biotin technology use the same proprietary M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent and the M.O.M. Biotinylated Anti-Mouse Ig Reagent, but offer a choice of an enzyme-based or fluorescent-based visualization method. M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent and M.O.M. Biotinylated Anti-Mouse Ig Reagent are also available separately.

The M.O.M. ImmPRESS® Kit contains our proprietary M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent paired with a specialized, ready-to-use, one-step, non-biotin M.O.M. ImmPRESS Peroxidase Polymer reagent.

An enzyme or fluorochrome conjugate is not included allowing for a choice of any avidin or streptavidin-based detection system. Choose any peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase conjugated avidin or streptavidin for chromogenic detection (for example, VECTASTAIN ABC-AP Standard Kit followed by a Vector alkaline phosphatase substrate), or choose a fluorochrome-labeled avidin or streptavidin.

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