VECTASHIELD Vibrance® Antifade Mounting Medium

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H-1700-2 2 ml
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H-1700-10 10 ml
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VECTASHIELD Vibrance is an aqueous mountant that sets at room temperature. Slides are viewable within one hour after mounting and can be stored at room temperature for extended periods, without loss of signal intensity, retraction of media or bubble formation. VECTASHIELD Vibrance Antifade Mounting Media provides excellent protection against fading across the visible spectrum, even under far-red wavelengths. It are compatible with most commercially available fluorophores


  • Superior antifade/anti-photobleaching properties across the spectrum
  • Compatibility with commonly used fluorophores
  • View sections one hour after mounting
  • No tone or autofluorescent background, even after curing
  • Room temperature storage of slides with extended archiving time
  • Minimal bubble formation, even after several weeks storage
  • Curing formulations with choice of counterstain (DAPI) or no counterstain 
  • 12 month product expiration date

Plus the same features popular with the VECTASHIELD brand:

  • Ideal refractive index
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use, requires no warming
  • No sealing of coverslips required (curing formulations)


More Information
Unit Size 2 ml, 10 ml
Applications Immunofluorescence, In situ hybridization, Cellular Imaging
Recommended Storage Refrigerate
Mounting Aqueous (Hardening)
Antifade Yes
Counterstain None


Product FAQs

How quickly can I view sections after mounting with VECTASHIELD® Vibrance (catalog # H-1700)? Is it recommended to wait one hour?

Sections can be viewed immediately after mounting with VECTASHIELD® Vibrance, but one hour is recommended for optimal signal intensity.

How long does it take for the VECTASHIELD® Vibrance to cure?

With adequate removal of excess buffer, the VECTASHIELD Vibrance will cure enough by one hour to hold the coverslip in place. Complete curing takes about 4 – 24 hours at room temperature.

How long can I store slides mounted with the VECTASHIELD Vibrance?

After mounting with VECTASHIELD Vibrance, slides can be stored at room temperature for several months without media retraction, bubble formation, or loss of signal intensity. We have not seen any difference between room temperature or storage at 4 degrees C.

Does VECTASHIELD contain glycerol?

All of the VECTASHIELD formats we currently offer which includes regular non-setting VECTASHIELD, PLUS, HardSet and Vibrance formulations each contain a percentage of glycerol.

Do I need to dehydrate the tissue sections before applying VECTASHIELD?

No form of tissue dehydration (e.g. air drying or ethanol exposure) is required nor recommended when applying VECTASHIELD. From our experience, the most optimal antifade actions of VECTASHIELD are obtained when the preparation is removed from the final buffer/water rinse, kept slightly wet/moist and then coverslipped with a small volume (25-50 uL) of VECTASHIELD.

Do I need to seal the perimeter of the coverslip after I apply VECTASHIELD?

That depends upon how long you wish to retain the slides and which VECTASHIELD formulation you are using. If you are using one of our non-setting VECTASHIELD products such as H-1000/H-1200 or H-1900/H-2000, then we suggest sealing the coverslip with plastic sealant or nail polish if you intend to keep the slides beyond a day or so. If you are using one of our setting/curing formulations such as VECTASHIELD HardSet or Vibrance, then in most cases when using thin cut (<10 um) tissue sections or cell monolayers, no sealing of the coverslip is requuired.


Technical Information

Vectashield Vibrance Workflow

VECTASHIELD Vibrance Antifade Properties

VECTASHIELD Vibrance has outstanding antifade properties, across the spectrum—even under far-red wavelengths—and it is compatible with most commercially available fluorophores.

VECTASHIELD Vibrance Spectrum

Viewable in as little as one hour after mounting—No need to wait 24 hours

Competitor workflows for immunofluorescence recommend that slides be viewed 24 hours after mounting. VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Media, however, allow same-day viewing. Accelerate discovery without sacrificing signal intensity or retention.

VECTASHIELD Vibrance Time Course

Above image: Improved retention of fluorescence with VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Medium. Serial sections of human colon tissue (FFPE) stained for cytokeratin (mouse primary antibody AE1/AE3) and detected with fluorescein-conjugated horse anti-mouse IgG secondary antibody (FI-2000). One hour after mounting with either VECTASHIELD Vibrance (top row) or a competitor mounting medium (bottom row), the sections were imaged at the intervals indicated. Note retention of fluorescent signal for section mounted with VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Medium.

Extended archiving of mounted sections at room temperature

Archiving fluorescently stained sections at room temperature often leads to signal reduction and desiccation of the specimen. Slides mounted with VECTASHIELD Vibrance Medium, however, can be stored for weeks at ambient temperature, in standard slide boxes, with no loss of specific signal intensity or specimen integrity. The stabilizing effect of VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Medium provides greater flexibility for imaging and storing fluorescently stained samples.

VECTASHIELD Vibrance Room Temperature

Above images: Comparison of VECTASHIELD Vibrance to Competitor mounting medium.

Lack of bubble formation & media retraction

A problem commonly observed in immunofluorescence staining is the formation of bubbles under the coverslip, or the shrinking (retraction) of the media over time. This phenomenon detracts from the overall quality of the sections and can obscure specific staining. The unique formulation of VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Medium provides a uniform sheet of medium under the coverslip, with essentially no bubble formation or retraction—even after many weeks of storage at room temperature.

VECTASHIELD Vibrance No Bubbles

Serial sections of human colon tissue (FFPE) stained for cytokeratin (AE1/AE3, mouse primary) followed by Alexa Fluor™ 488 anti-mouse IgG secondary antibody. Sections were mounted with either VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Medium (H-1700, left image) or competitor mounting medium (right image) stored at room temperature for two weeks, and then imaged.

Note the absence of bubbles and background in green spectrum in left image (VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Medium) compared with right image, after two weeks at room temperature.

Summary of VECTASHIELD Vibrance Advantages Over Competitor Mounting Media

VECTASHIELD Vibrance Summary

Check out this video on coverslipping tips for Immunofluorescence slide mounting


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