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ImmPRESS® Excel Amplified Polymer Staining Kit, Anti-Rabbit IgG, Peroxidase (MP-7601)



The ImmPRESS Excel Amplified HRP (peroxidase) Polymer Staining Kit is an enzymatic, amplification system that produces crisp, highly sensitive, specific staining with low background. It contains an amplifier antibody in a two-step method.


  • Complete staining kits
  • Precise, sharp antigen localization
  • Convenient prediluted, ready-to-use reagents


Kit Contents:

  • BLOXALL® Endogenous HRP/AP Blocking Solution (r.t.u.)
  • 2.5% Normal serum for blocking non-specific binding (r.t.u.)
  • Amplifier Antibody (either goat anti-mouse IgG or goat anti-rabbit IgG)
  • ImmPRESS Excel Amplified HRP Polymer Reagent (anti-goat IgG)
  • ImmPACT® DAB EqV Substrate


ImmPRESS Excel Staining Kit (15 ml) will stain approximately 75-150 sections and an ImmPRESS Excel Staining Kit (50 ml) will stain approximately 250-500 sections.


Unit Size1 kit (15 or 50 ml)
ApplicationsImmunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, In situ hybridization, ELISAs
TechnologyAmplified Micropolymer Systems
Detection Enzyme(s)Peroxidase
ConjugateMicropolymer HRP
Target SpeciesRabbit

Product FAQs

The ImmPRESS Excel kits are a two-step peroxidase polymer based detection system that include an unconjugated amplifier antibody. This intermediate amplifier antibody increases sensitivity of the assay at least three- to four-fold over that of a one-step polymer based system, by facilitating the introduction of more peroxidase enzyme at the site of specific antigen localization. This increase in sensitivity would be advantageous in instances of weak antigen expression, and to further dilute out an expensive primary antibody. The ImmPRESS Excel Amplifier kits are presented as a complete kit format that include enzyme quench, blocking serum and ImmPACT® DAB EqV peroxidase substrate, in addition to the amplifier antibody and defined ImmPRESS polymer secondary antibody. However, as the two published references below indicate, this format is still modular and allows for the substitution of different detection reagents. These references describe using ImmPACT NovaRED™ peroxidase substrate in combination with the ImmPRESS Excel Amplifier kits. Oncogenesis (2017) 6, e293; doi:10.1038/oncsis.2016.82 Tan, E.M.S., et al (2017) Front. Med. 4:162 (doi: 10.3389/fmed.2017.00162)


Technical Information

The ImmPRESS Excel Amplified Staining System capitalizes on all the advantages of the ImmPRESS polymerized reporter enzyme staining system technology but offers additional sensitivity and convenience. This system employs a proprietary ready-to-use (RTU) Amplifier Antibody, followed by a ready-to-use (RTU) ImmPRESS Excel HRP Polymer Reagent. These reagents are affinity purified and extensively cross-adsorbed to ensure high sensitivity and low background. In addition, the ImmPRESS Excel Reagent is conjugated to horseradish peroxidase micropolymers, a novel approach that avoids the use of large dextrans or other macromolecules as a backbone. These unique micropolymers allow a higher density of enzymes per antibody to bind the target with minimal interference. The result is an increase in target accessibility, signal intensity, and significantly less background staining.

The included ImmPACT DAB EqV Substrate produces a crisp, dark brown reaction product with the excellent sensitivity and low background characteristic of the ImmPRESS /ImmPACT combination.


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