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DBCO Amine (CCT-A103)



DBCO Amine is a simple DBCO-containing building block used to derivatize carboxyl groups in the presence of activators (e.g. EDC, or DCC) or activated esters (e.g. NHS esters) with DBCO moiety through a stable amide bond.

DBCO reagents, also know as ADIBO or DIBAC are the most commonly used substrates for copper-free click reaction. DBCO compounds react with azide functionalized compounds or biomolecules without the need for a Cu(I) catalyst to result in a stable triazole linkage.


Unit Size25mg, 100mg, 1000mg, 5g
Molecular weight276.33
Chemical compositionC18H16N2O
SolubilityDMSO, DMF, DCM, THF, Chloroform
Purity>95% (HPLC)
AppearanceSlightly grey to slightly orange solid
Storage Conditions-20°C. Desiccate
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

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