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Amino-dPEG®₁₂-acid (QBD-10287)



Amino-dPEG®12-acid, product number QBD-10287, is a PEGylated amino acid. A primary amine group and a propionic acid group sit on opposite ends of a polyethylene glycol spacer. The highly hydrophilic, discrete PEG spacer (Ð = 1) increases the hydrodynamic volume and imparts water solubility to conjugates that incorporate it. Moreover, Amino-dPEG®12-acid benefitted numerous applications, including peptide synthesis, surface modification, oligonucleotide sequencing, and small molecule modification.


Unit Size100 mg, 1000 mg
Molecular Weight617.72; single compound
Chemical formulaC₂₇H₅₅NO₁₄
Purity> 98%
SpacersdPEG® Spacer is 40 atoms and 46.5 Å
Typical solubility properties (for additional information contact Customer Support)Hot DMAC or DMSO or water.
Storage and handling-20°C; Always let come to room temperature before opening; be careful to limit exposure to moisture and restore under an inert atmosphere; stock solutions can be prepared with dry solvent and kept for several days (freeze when not in use). dPEG® pegylation compounds are generally hygroscopic and should be treated as such. This will be less noticeable with liquids, but the solids will become tacky and difficult to manipulate, if care is not taken to minimize air exposure.


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