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Our Top 10 Posts of 2021 Will Lend You a Helping Hand in the Lab

How can we do even more to help researchers? That’s a question we ask a lot here at Vector Laboratories, and this June it led us to launch a blog. Since then, it’s been our honor to bring you stories about innovative scientists and share insights to help you advance your research. Here are a few of our most popular posts from 2021, and we’re looking forward to many more tips and stories in 2022!

Have you ever spent precious time in the lab scratching your head over whether you were looking at a true staining result or random background signal? Learn how to turn down the noise and allow your experimental results to shine through with Getting to the Specifics: Blocking for Immunohistochemistry.

Perfect sectioning. Exquisitely optimized staining. You’re almost there, so finish strong with the right mounting medium! Discover how in The End of the Line: Considerations for Mounting Medium Selection.

Does formalin fixation make you feel like you’re playing hide and seek with your staining target? Take a look at Unmasking Epitopes Using Antigen Retrieval for Formalin-Fixed Tissue Staining to make them come out, come out, wherever they are.

The chemical linkage of two molecules into one powerful hybrid can help you dig deeper into your research. Dr. Craig Pow sets you on the path to experimental triumph in An Introduction to Bioconjugation: Answering Your Questions.

You already know that your choice of immunohistochemistry substrate can make or break your experiment, but it’s also an opportunity to give your staining a personal touch. Find out more about your options in A Simple Guide to Immunohistochemistry Substrate Selection.

Looking for a little inspiration during your next incubation period? Grab a coffee and read the uplifting story of Jose Ortiz’s scientific journey in When No One Opens the Door and the Pathway is Convoluted, Creativity Rules.

If you have the basics of immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence down but want to refine your mastery of these versatile techniques, look no further than our post about Improving IHC & IF Staining Results.

Colin Nixon is a jack of all trades when it comes to histology — he’s worked on everything from Drosophila samples to tiger pathology! Find out more about Colin’s story in Histology in a Nutshell: Process It, Cut It, Put It on a Slide and See What It Reveals.

You overslept, stepped in something nasty on the way to the lab, and, to top it off, your staining has disappeared! Unravel the mystery with The Curious Case of the Staining that Went Wrong.

Brittany Cederstrom of the Proteogenomic Research Institute for Systems Medicine is always looking for ways to squeeze a little more research out of each day. Discover how VectaMount® Express Mounting Medium helped Brittany speed up her science without compromising on a technically beautiful final product, in There’s a New Mountant in Town.

We’re proud to provide resources that help you to move your research forward and make new discoveries, and we hope you’ll come back to the blog in 2022 for more stories about cutting-edge science and tips and tricks to get the most out of your experiments.