TCO-PEG4-NHS Ester (CCT-A137)


TCO-PEG4-NHS Ester is a pegylated lebeling reagent with enhanced solubility in aqueous buffers used for TCO labeling of antibodies, proteins and other primary amine-containing macromolecules. A long, hydrophilic PEG4 spacer arm provides a long and flexible connection that minimizes steric hindrance involved with ligation to complementary tetrazine-containing molecules.


Unit Size4x2mg, 10mg, 25mg, 100mg
Molecular weight514.57
Chemical compositionC24H38N2O10
SolubilityDMSO, DMF, THF, Acetonitrile, Dichloromethane
Purity>95% (HPLC)
AppearanceColorless to slightly yellow oil
Storage Conditions-20°C. Desiccate
Shipping ConditionsDry ice

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