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It Takes Two to Tango, Part 2: Applications of Bioconjugation

In the previous section, we discussed the methods of bioconjugation. And the marriage of a biomolecule and a small molecule has given rise to various modalities commonly used in biomedical research. Here, we focus on the applications in the fields of therapeutics, diagnostics, protein-protein interactions, and nanotechnology.

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Adding efficiency and convenience to multiplexing workflows​

Multiplexing has revolutionized immunostaining workflows. It allows the simultaneous detection of multiple targets in the same tissue section and empowers scientists to gather more data while sparing precious samples. But issues with cross-reactivity between reagents can hinder the ability to perform simultaneous double or triple staining. When these issues arise, scientists can use the VectaPlexÔ Antibody Removal Kit to do multiple rounds of labeling and perform multiplexing experiments.

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