Mono-sulfone NHS Ester (CCT-1507)


Mono-sulfone is a thiol-specific labeling reagent that undergo alkylation to generate a thio-ether bond between the protein and mono-sulfone activated reagent. Once mono-sulfone reagent is conjugated to a protein or peptide, exchange reactions leading to deconjugation can be easily avoided by treating the conjugate with a mild reducing agent in a way analogous to the process used for conjugation reactions involving reductive amination.


Unit Size1000 mg, 5 g
Molecular weight492.44
Chemical compositionC21H19NO7S
SolubilityDMSO, DMF, DCM, THF, Chloroform
Purity>95% (HPLC)
AppearanceGrey solid
Storage Conditions-20°C. Desiccate
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

Selected References

  1. Badescu, G., et al. (2014). A New Reagent for Stable Thiol-Specific Conjugation. Bioconjug. Chem., 25(3), 460-9. [PubMed]

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