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NEUROBIOTIN® Tracer (SP-1120)

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NEUROBIOTIN Tracer (SP-1120) is an amino derivative of biotin that can be used as an intracellular label for cells, particularly neurons. It is used for visualizing neural architecture and for the identification of gap junction coupling.


  • Can be used in many types of preparations including in vivo, whole mounts, slice preparations, or cultured cells
  • Can be delivered by many routes such as intracellular electrodes, microinjection, cut-loading, or scrape-loading
  • Can be detected using avidin or streptavidin systems with either chromogenic or fluorescence visualization methods


Advantages over biocytin and other neuronal labels:

  • Better solubility
  • More efficiently iontophoresed
  • Remains in cell longer
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be fixed with formalin or glutaraldehyde


Unit Size20 mg, 50 mg
Chemical FormulaC12H23ClN4O2S
Recommended Storage2-8 °C (desiccated). Once in solution, store frozen.
Molecular Weight322.8
Neuronal Tracer - Direction of TransportAnterograde/Retrograde
Detection MethodAvidin(Streptavidin)/Biotin Method, Chromogenic, Fluorescence


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