Chitin Hydrolysate

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SP-0090-10 10 ml
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Chitin Hydrolysate is supplied as a highly concentrated solution of N-acetylglucosamine (glcNAc) and glcNAc oligomers in nearly saturated sodium chloride.

Chitin Hydrolysate (SP-0090) can be used as an inhibitor of lectin-conjugate binding or for eluting glycoproteins bound to agarose lectins. This mixture is an inhibitor for the following lectins: DSL, GSL II, LEL, STL, and WGA.


More Information
Unit Size 10 ml
Applications Glycobiology, Affinity Chromatography
Solution Nearly saturated sodium chloride in water
Recommended Usage If a precipitate forms during storage do not warm solution.This may cause further precipitation.Centrifuge or filter the hydrolysate to remove precipitated material.
Recommended Storage 2-8 °C



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