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Animal-Free Blocker®, 5X Concentrate (SP-5030-250)

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Animal-Free Blocker (5x) is a plant-derived agent and diluent for immunohistochemistry, nucleic acid and protein blotting, and other applications.  This reagent contains no animal-derived protein and can be used as an alternative to sera, BSA, casein, or non-fat dry milk.  It is supplied as 250 ml of a 5x concentrate.


Unit Size250 ml
ApplicationsImmunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Blotting Applications, Elispot
Recommended Storage2-8 °C
Recommended UsageThis product is designed to be used as a general blocking agent/diluent for nucleic acid and protein blot applications.This reagent contains no animal-derived proteins and can be used as an alternative to sera, BSA, casein or non-fat dry milk in situations when animal protein-based blocking solutions cause increased background or interfere with blot developement. Prior to use, 5x Animal-Free Blocker™ should be diluted to 1x with distilled or deionized water.For prolonged storage of diluted Animal-Free Blocker™, sodium azide should be added to give a final concentration of 0.08% (w/v) and the diluted solution refrigerated.
Blocking ActionNon-Specific Protein Blocking

Product FAQs

Both products are derived from the same plant protein and in some applications can be used interchangeably. At a high level, one is presented as a ready-to-use (RTU) format and the other a more economical concentrate. The key difference is that the RTU format has been specifically optimized for use in IHC and IF applications. The RTU format has a neutral pH suitable for tissue and cell-based assays and has been more highly refined to avoid the presence of flocculent material that may cause interference with microscopy work. The 5x concentrated format is best suited for membrane blotting applications.


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