PHOTOPROBE® Biotin Kit (SP-1000)


PHOTOPROBE Biotin Kit enables simple and rapid labeling of nucleic acids with biotin. Labeling is based on aryl azide chemistry that when exposed to defined heat or light, becomes activated and is incorporated into the nucleic acid. The labeling reaction is not base specific and labels are incorporated at multiple sites along the entire length of the nucleic acid that does not destroy the original nucleic acid or create a copy. The reaction is performed using either a halogen lamp, heating block or thermal cycler. Single or double stranded DNA, circular DNA, RNA, siRNA, or PNA can be labeled.

This kit contains sufficient reagent to label up to 250 ug of nucleic acid which equates to about 50 reactions.

Kit Components

  • PHOTOPROBE Biotin Reagent (0.5 mg)
  • Tris Buffer
  • Sec-butanol
  • Precipitant
  • Biotinylated DNA standard


Unit Size1 Kit
Target for LabelingDNA, RNA, PNA
Recommended Applications
Cellular localization of nucleic acid (e.g., plasmid DNA or siRNA)
Target/Group Incorporated
Storage Temperature
2-8 C

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