Dde Alkyne Agarose (CCT-1140)


Dde Alkyne Agarose is a 6% crosslinked agarose resin that is activated with alkyne groups through a cleavable Dde linker. Once biomolecules are covalently captures to the resin, beads can be washed with highest stringency virtually eliminating any non-specifically bound proteins. Treatment with 2% hydrazine yields a highly enriched population of proteins. This product is adequate to work in batch or column purification (low pressure).


Unit Size2 ml
Enrichment targetAzide-modified proteins
FormatBatch or column purifications
Activation level5-20 µmol alkyne groups per mL resin
Bead sizeSpherical, 50-150 µm
Formulation50% slurry
Molecular weight left behind55.04
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

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