Cy3 Alkyne (CCT-TA117)

This product was previously sold as 1306 from Fluoroprobes.


Cy3 Alkyne can be reacted with azides via a copper-catalyzed click reaction (CuAAC) forming a stable triazole and does not require elevated temperatures. This red fluorescent probe is water-soluble, and its fluorescence is pH-insensitive from pH 4 to pH 10. Its excitation peak is ideally suited for the 532 nm or 555 nm laser lines and its absorption and emission spectra are almost identical to those of Alexa Fluor® 555, CF® 555 Dye or any other Cyanine3 based fluorescent dyes.


Unit Size1 mg, 5 mg, 25 mg, 100 mg
Abs/Em Maxima553/569 nm
Extinction Coefficient
Flow Cytometry Laser Line
532, 555 or 568 nm
Microscopy Laser Line
532 or 555 nm
Spectrally Similar DyesAlexa Fluor® 555, Atto™ 555, CF® 555 Dye, DyLight®549
Molecular weight761.92 (protonated)
SolubilityWater, DMSO, DMF
Purity>95% (HPLC)
AppearanceRed solid
Storage Conditions-20°C. Desiccate
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

Abs/Em Spectra

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