Click-&-Go® Click Chemistry Reaction Buffer Kit (CCT-1001)


Click-&-Go® Click Chemistry Reaction Buffer Kit provides researchers who have biomolecules labeled with an azide or alkyne and the corresponding click detection reagent with all the necessary reagents to perform a copper-catalyzed ligation reaction. Sufficient materials provided to perform up to 25 copper-catalyzed click reactions for subsequent analysis by gel electrophoresis, western blot or mass spectrometry.

The kit utilizes THPTA as a copper chelating reagent to stabilize a catalytically active Cu(I) to accelerate the rate of CuAAC. The use of copper-chelating ligand also minimizes amount of free copper in solution, thus limiting the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and protecting against undesired oxidative damage side reactions to proteins (e.g., GFP, RPE), nucleic acids (e.g., RNA, oligos), and other biomolecules.

Sufficient reagents are provided for 25 labeling reactions containing 50 uL protein solution (1-5 mg/mL).


Unit Size1 Kit
Number of Reactions
Storage Condition4 C
Shipping Conditions
Ambient temperature

Protein Labeling Calculator


Selected References

  1. Lee, M.T., et al. (2020). Dietary sphinganine is selectively assimilated by members of themammaliangut microbiome. J Lipid Res . [PubMed]

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