Cleavable Biotin Azides, Sample Pack (CCT-1453)


This sample pack contains 4 of the most often used azide-activated, cleavable biotin probes: Diazo, Dde, PC, and DADPS Biotin Azide. These probes allow for the efficient release of streptavidin-bound proteins under mild conditions. Even though all 4 cleavable moieties undergo efficient cleavage, the recovery of biopolymer or digests might vary from application to application, requiring a preliminary testing of biotin probes to determine the best-performing linker for a given application. This sample pack is a cost-efficient option to profile all 4 cleavable linkers.


Unit Size0.5 mg, 4 probes
Sample Pack ContentDiazo Biotin Azide, Dde Biotin Azide, DADPS Biotin Azide, PC Biotin Azide
Storage Conditions4C.
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

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