Carbo-Free™ Blocking Solution (10x Concentrate)

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SP-5040-125 125 ml
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The Carbo-Free Blocking Solution is a protein-based agent used as a general blocking or diluent solution. It is ideal for applications using lectins in which glycoprotein contamination could generate background staining or false positive results. 


  • Essentially free of glycoproteins, unlike other common protein-containing blocking agents like serum, nonfat dry milk, or casein
  • Supplied as 125 ml of 10x concentrate


More Information
Unit Size 125 ml
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Blotting Applications, Elispot, ELISAs, Glycobiology
Recommended Storage 2-8 °C
Recommended Usage Prior to use, 10x Carbo-Free Blocking Solution should be diluted to 1x with distilled or deionized water. For prolonged storage of the 1x solution, sodium azide should be added to give a final concentration of 0.08% (w/v) and the diluted solution refrigerated. Carbo-Free Blocking Solution does not contain detergent. In some applications, blocking may be enhanced by addition of Tween™ 20 to a final concentration of 0.05% to 0.1%, in the working solution.
Blocking Action Non-Specific Protein Blocking
Format Concentrate



Technical Information

A suggested protocol for detection of glycoconjugates using lectins/agglutinins is available under the "PROTOCOLS" tab.

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