Normal Goat Serum Blocking Solution, 2.5%

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S-1012-50 50 ml
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2.5% Normal Goat Serum can be used for blocking non-specific binding or as an antibody diluent.


  • Pooled samples collected from healthy adult animals
  • Heat-treated and centrifuged to remove precipitates and then filtered
  • Tested with appropriate antibody to check for possible cross-reactivities
  • Ready-to use 2.5% solution (v/v) in buffer containing 0.08% sodium azide
  • Same serum preparation that is included in the ImmPRESS® Detection Systems


More Information
Unit Size 50 ml
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence
Blocking Action Non-Specific Protein Blocking
Format Ready-to-Use


Product FAQs

I recently purchased Normal Goat Serum, Cat. No. S-1000, from Vector Laboratories for use as a general block in my tissue staining applications. What is the percentage of serum, and once diluted, how long can I store the working solution?

Normal Goat Serum, Cat. No. S-1000, is essentially spun whole blood, filtered, heat inactivated and preserved with the addition of sodium azide. The 20 ml provided therefore is all goat serum. For most IHC and IF tissue staining applications, an aliquot is taken and diluted in assay buffer such as PBS or TBS to 2-10% (v/v). This working solution can be stored in the fridge and used for up to one week. Beyond this time, there would be concern for possible microbial contamination that would affect performance.


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