Biotin (Long Arm) NHS (SP-1200-50)


Biotin (Long Arm) NHS is an N-hydroxysuccinimide derivative of biotin with an aminohexanoate spacer arm to provide for maximum accessibility of biotin by avidin and streptavidin conjugates. The reagent will readily couple biotin under mild alkaline conditions to primary amino groups of proteins. Biotin (Long Arm) NHS is ideally suited to label antibodies, hormones or other polypeptide molecules containing lysine residues. The linkage between biotin and proteins produced with this reagent is stable, with no significant loss of biotin on storage. Fifty mg of Biotin (Long Arm) NHS is generally sufficient to label 500 mg of protein.


Unit Size50 mg
Target for LabelingProtein
Recommended StorageFrozen (desiccated). Storage in solution is not recommended.
Molecular Weight454.6
Chemical FormulaC20H30N4O6S
Required Reactive GroupPrimary Amino Group
Tag/Group IncorporatedBiotin
Safety TitleWARNING: NA -


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