Alkyne Magnetic Beads (CCT-1035)


Alkyne-activated, highly uniform polymer-based magnetic spheres of 1 µm diameter. A unique surface means low nonspecific binding in protein-based systems, and superior handling without the use of surfactant. These high-binding beads are suitable for use across a range of research and diagnostic applications, whether you’re working at laboratory scale or have the more stringent requirements of high throughput applications.


Unit Size1 ml, 5 ml
Enrichment targetAzide-modified proteins
Activation level30-50 nmol alkyne groups per mg
SupportHighly uniformed supermagnetic particles
CoatingHighly crosslinked, proprietary (non-styrene) polymer matrix
Mean bead diameter0.97 µm
Formulation10 mg/mL suspension in water
Preservative5 ppm Kathon
AppearanceBrown suspension
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

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