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ZM Wang, U. of Utah, USA

ZM Wang

Brief procedure:

Heat-mediated antigen retrieval with Antigen Unmasking Solution (Tris-based)
Lamb cerebrum tissue was incubated with a mixture of mouse anti-Nestin and rabbit anti-P-Glycoprotein overnight at 4C, followed by a mixture of anti-mouse IgG (made in goat) and biotinylated anti-Rabbit IgG.

Afterward, the signal for Nestin was amplified using an anti-Goat IgG-AP conjugate and visualized with ImmPACT Vector Red AP Substrate. Then P-Glycoprotein was detected using the VECTASTAIN Elite ABC kit and visualized with DAB (Nickel) HRP Peroxidase Substrate.

Products used: H-3301-250,BA-1100-1.5,AI-9200-1.5,AP-9500-1,SK-5105,SK-4100

The work is supported by a NIH grant for study on the brain development and related disease in the lab of Kurt Albertine. The IHC work was processed by Dr. Wang, ZM in November 2016. Rm 2213, 417 Wakara Way Div. of Neonatology Dept. of Pediatrics University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT 84108, USA