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Click Chemistry

Explore bioconjugation with Click Chemistry Tools, now part of Vector labs

Expand the boundary of your therapeutic development and discovery research with  our Click Chemistry Tool Box

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Click Chemistry Toolbox

Expand the boundary of your discovery research with our Click Chemistry Toolbox.

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Metabolic Labeling Reagents

Alkyne-, and azide-modified metabolic labeling reagents.

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Click-&-Go IsoTAG Kits

Mass-independent platform for click chemistry- based identification of low-abundance proteins and peptides in complex samples.

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Fluorogenic Azide Probes

Fluorogenic azide probes that are activated by Cu-catalyzed or metal-free click chemistry.

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Click Chemistry Auxiliary Reagents

Copper-chelating ligands that improve efficiency and biocompatibility of CuAAC.

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Biotin/streptavidin-free Enrichment

Biotin/streptavidin-free tools for enrichment of azide-, or alkyne-tagged biomolecules.

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Catalog 2019/2020

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Click Chemistry Toolbox Brochure

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Fluorogenic Azid Probes

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Next Generation Azide Probes

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Vector Laboratories has expanded its portfolio with the acquisitions of Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes.

We are excited to announce that Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes are now part of Vector Laboratories. Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes together are leading manufacturers of functionalized linkers and dyes that are used to generate bioconjugates for many different techniques, applications, and assays across biology. Together, these companies combine linker and dye synthesis expertise with conjugation capabilities, offering you a broad selection of products under one brand.

Please note the following important changes:

  • Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes are now available on A new product categorization has been established to simplify finding the product you need.
  • Catalog numbers for Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes have been updated:
    • For Click Chemistry Tools, catalog numbers have a “CCT-” prefix. Example: 1419 has become catalog number CCT-1419.
    • For Fluoroprobes, catalog numbers have a “FP-” prefix. Example: 1300 has become catalog number FP-1300.
  • If you previously purchased products online from Click Chemistry Tools or Fluoroprobes, your account has been migrated to and you will need to reset your password at to place an online order. (If you previously established a Vector account, no action is needed.)
  • All products will now be shipped in Vector Labs branded packaging in accordance with Vector shipping policies. The box and the product label may appear different, but the contents are identical to what you may have purchased previously from Click Chemistry Tools or Fluoroprobes. Vector’s shipping policies, which can be found at, will apply to all orders.


If you have any questions about this transition, please contact us at (Tel) 1-800-227-6666 or via email [email protected].  We appreciate your business and look forward to supporting your scientific work with our expanded product selection.