Western Blot Blocking Solutions

In dot blot or western blot application, blocking solutions minimize the non-specific binding of detection antibodies to the membrane that lead to background.

Vector Laboratories offers two solutions formulated to block membranes in blotting applications:

  • WestVision™ Block and Diluent — a proprietary, ready-to-use formulation containing Tween 20 that improves signal intensity and resolution without increasing background. It is compatible with both alkaline phosphatase- and peroxidase- based detections systems, and with both chemiluminescence and chromogenic development.
  • Animal-Free Blocker™ — a plant-derived universal antibody diluent and blocking reagent for nucleic acid and protein blotting, IHC, and for other applications. It contains no animal-derived protein and can be used as an alternative to sera, BSA, casein, or non-fat dry milk.
4-fold serial dilutions of human recovered plasma were transferred to nitrocellulose. Membranes were blocked with WestVistionTM Block & Diluent (A) or Competitor Block (B), probed with Rabbit anti-Transferrin antibody (0.25 ug/ml), and detected with WestV