Antibodies to Tags & Labels

Vector Labs offers you conjugated and unconjugated affinity-purified antibodies against several popular tags and labels used in blots, immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization, and other applications.  Antibodies are available against the following tags:

  • Biotin
  • DIG (digoxigenin)
  • DNP (dinitrophenyl)
  • Fluorescein
  • Rhodamine/Texas Red®
HL-60 Chromosome Spread: Digoxigenin-labeled human chromosome 18 centromere-specific probe, DyLight 488 Anti-Digoxigenin/Digoxin; Biotinylated human chromosome 1 centromere-specific probe, DyLight 594 Streptavidin. Mounted in VECTASHIELD Mounting Medium with DAPI.
Fluorescein labeled pUC1.77 detected with Biotinylated Anti-Fluorescein and Fluorescein Avidin DCS, and counterstained with VECTASHIELD with PI.