Amplified Fluorescent Staining Systems

The VectaFluor™ Excel Amplified Fluorescent Staining System offers a convenient, non-biotin amplification method for immunofluorescence applications. Use the VectaFluor™ Excel kits to:

  • Increase sensitivity by as much as three- to four-fold over that of a fluorophore-conjugated secondary antibody
  • Enable unambiguous visualization of weakly expressed antigens
  • Minimize dilution of potentially expensive primary antibodies 

This fluorescent staining system combines the following to amplify the fluorescence signal:

  • Amplifier Antibody - a proprietary, high-affinity and cross-adsorbed Anti-Mouse IgG or Anti-Rabbit IgG antibody produced in goat
  • VectaFluor™ DyLight® dye-conjugated Anti-Goat IgG antibody optimized for tight binding to the Amplifier Antibody
  • Normal Horse Serum for blocking 

The VectaFluor™ DyLight® dye-conjugated Horse Anti-Goat IgG is conjugated in a manner that ensures the maximum degree of labeling without compromising antibody affinity or specificity. DyLight® dyes offer advantages such as bright fluorescence staining, excellent photostability, and pH independence.

Amplified Fluorescent Staining Systems - Products

Product Quantity Price
Cat. No. : DK-1488, Unit Size: 1 kit
Cat. No. : DK-1594, Unit Size: 1 kit
Cat. No. : DK-2488, Unit Size: 1 kit
Cat. No. : DK-2594, Unit Size: 1 kit