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Vector Laboratories, part of Maravai LifeSciences, pioneered and is a market leader in labeling and detection reagents for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, glycobiology and bioconjugation. As the first company to commercialize avidin-biotin enzyme complex kits for immunohistochemistry and antifade mounting media for immunofluorescence, Vector has since introduced over 600 reliable reagents and kits. Its product catalog includes VECTASTAIN® ABC kits, VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media, ImmPRESS® Polymer Detection Kits, TrueVIEW® Autofluorescence Quenching Kit, ImmPACT® Substrates and SoluLINK® bioconjugation technology, which allows rapid, reproducible and quantifiable conjugation of all classes of biomolecules.

These time-tested tools and methods are used by disease and therapeutics researchers around the world--from academia to industrial and clinical settings--to accelerate their lab processes and improve productivity. In fact, Vector’s labeling and detection reagents and processes are included in Standard Operating Procedures in labs around the world.

Vector’s facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and its research contributions have been cited in more than 350,000 scientific publications. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vector was founded in 1976 by Dr. Jim Whitehead, who dedicated the company to creating the highest performing products for researchers around the world. That same commitment is present today with the high level of both product and service that Vector Laboratories is known for.

Vector Labs Headquarters

40-Year History of Quality and Innovation

Vector Labs Building


Vector Laboratories is founded


Vector Labs first to commercialize avidin-biotin enzyme complex (VECTASTAIN® ABC kits)

Vectastain ABC Kits
Affinity of Avidin for Biotin


S.M. Hsu published that the high affinity of avidin for biotin could be used to increase the stability of the enzyme antibody complex


Vector Labs launches PHOTOPROBE® Biotin

photoprobe biotin


Vector Labs introduced first antifade mounting media for fluorescence (VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media)


Vector Labs introduced a next-generation PAP pen conforming with environmental regulations (ImmEdge® Pen)

Next-Generation PAP Pen
Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) Kit


Vector Labs introduces M.O.M.® detection kits expanding the use of unconjugated mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue sections.


Vector Labs expanded antifade mounting media with hardening formulation (VECTASHIELD® HardSet™ Mounting Media)

VECTASHIELD hardset MountingMedia
detextion regents for antigens


Vector Labs developed detection reagents enabling greater access to antigens within tissues and improving multiple antigen labeling (ImmPRESS® enzyme polymer)


Vector Labs introduced proprietary substrates enabling multiplexing IHC (ImmPACT® HRP substrates)

ImmPACT Silo
Bloxall Silo


Vector Labs introduced BLOXALL® Endogenous HRP and AP Blocking Solution


Vector Labs introduced additional proprietary AP substrate (ImmPACT® Vector® Red substrate)

ImmPACT Vector Red Substrate
Maravai logo


Strategic investment by Maravai LifeSciences


Vector Labs introduces Vector® TrueVIEW® Autofluorescent Quenching Kit

New Web Site
ISO 9001:2015 certification stamp


Vector Labs achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification


Vector Labs introduces VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting Media

TrueVIEW® with DAPI released

Vectashield Vibrance Antifade Mounting Media
Anti-cytokeratin primary antibody detected with HOH-3000


Vector Labs adds SoluLINK Bioconjugation Product Line
VECTASHIELD® PLUS and HOH Kit introduced

Company Information

Year Founded:
Number of Employees:
Headquarters, R&D and manufacturing in Burlingame, California USA
Number of Products:
Leading Product Groups:
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kits (avidin biotin systems)
ImmPRESS™ Polymer Detection Reagents
Vector® M.O.M. Mouse on Mouse Immunodetection Kits
Enzyme substrates
VECTASHIELD® Antifade Mounting Media
VectaCell™ Live Cell Imaging Reagents and Stains
Secondary fluorescent antibody conjugates
Key Disciplines Served:
Live Cell Imaging
Citations in Scientific Papers:
300,000 +
ABC-AmP, Animal-Free Blocker, BLOXALL, DuoLuX, Elite, EndTag, ImmEdge, ImmPACT, ImmPRESS, ImmPrint, M.O.M., NeuroBiotin, PHOTOPROBE, QuantTag, VECTABOND, VectaCell, VectaMount, VECTASHIELD, VECTASHIELD HardSet, VECTASTAIN, Vector, Vector Black, Vector Blue, Vector NovaRED, Vector Red
Eric Tardif, President
Eric brings over 20 years of experience in investment banking, corporate development and strategy, and operations management focusing on medical devices, diagnostics and life sciences. Prior to founding Maravai LifeSciences, Eric led corporate development and corporate strategy at Gen-Probe leading up to its acquisition by Hologic. Eric began his career as an investment banker executing mergers and acquisitions for Merrill Lynch, Piper Jaffray and Morgan Stanley. Throughout his banking career, Eric centered his attention on medical device companies, with a particular focus on the life sciences tools and diagnostics segments.

Lisa Sellers, Chief Operating Officer
Lisa brings over 20 years of experience in customer-centered innovation, life sciences leadership and commercialization expertise to her role with Vector Laboratories. Prior to joining the company, Lisa served as Vice President of Marketing at 10x Genomics where she transformed the organization through people and processes. In addition, she has held various leadership roles overseeing the global reagent and instrumentation businesses for Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Under her leadership, the businesses grew faster than market, resulted in 30+ new products launches and introduced new manufacturing capabilities to significantly improve profitability. Lisa has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Santa Clara University.

Harjit Kullar, VP, Marketing
Harjit comes to Maravai LifeSciences with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing in the life sciences and diagnostics industries, most recently holding the position of Vice President of Marketing at Transgenomic. Earlier in his career, Harjit held a variety of commercial leadership roles in life science companies including Bio-Rad Laboratories, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, LifeSpan BioSciences and Abcam. Harjit received a BSc in Biochemistry & Pharmacology from University of Southampton, a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from University of Birmingham and an MBA from University of Cambridge.
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Harjit Kullar, Vice President of Marketing

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