Levamisole Solution

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SP-5000-18 18 ml
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Levamisole Solution, a competitive inhibitor of alkaline phosphatase, is provided in a convenient dropper bottle and can be added to the alkaline phosphatase substrate solution. Tissues can contain endogenous alkaline phosphatase activity that will produce background staining if an alkaline phosphatase detection system and substrate are used.


  • Does not inhibit the isoenzyme used for alkaline phosphatase detection
  • 100x concentrate


More Information
Unit Size 18 ml
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, In situ hybridization
Recommended Storage 2-8 °C
Recommended Usage Levamisole is a reversible inhibitor of alkaline phosphatase, effective against most forms of alkaline phosphatase other than the intestinal isoenzyme. Since the intestinal form of the enzyme is used as the marker enzyme in the VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kit, levamisole can be used to inhibit endogenous alkaline phosphatase in most cases.
Concentration 125 mM
Blocking Action Endogenous Alkaline Phosphatase
Format Concentrate



Technical Information

Levamisole does not inhibit the isoenzyme used for either the VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP reagents or other alkaline phosphatase conjugates. 

One drop of levamisole concentrate is added to 5 ml of substrate solution.
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