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IsoTaG Biotin Azide Pack (CCT-1501)



IsoTaG Biotin Azide probes take advantage of the mass shift of stable heavy isotope labels (SHLs) to enable mass-independent chemical proteomics platform that helps to address unique challenges of the proteome characterization. In this approach a unique isotopic signature is embedded exclusively into the peptides and it serves as a computationally recognizable full-scan MS reporter. A computational algorithm, termed isotopic signature transfer and mass pattern prediction (IsoStamp), for the detection of recoded species in full-scan mass spectra, was also developed by the Carolyn Bertozzi group. IsoTaG H/L Biotin Azide pack contains 2 mg of light [M] and heave [M+2] probe encoded by 2 C12 or 2 C13 atoms.


IsoTag L Biotin Azide1 vial, 2 mg
Molecular weight501.60
IsoTag H Biotin Azide1 vial, 2 mg
Molecular weight503.60
Solubility:DMSO, DMF
Appearance:Oil to grey amorphous solid
Storage Condition-20C
Shipping:Ambient temperature
Shelf life:3 years at -20C

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