Methyl Green Counterstain

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H-3402-500 500 ml
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Vector Methyl Green stains cell nuclei light green. It is an excellent alternative in multiple labeling when hematoxylin obscures the substrate colors.


  • Simple, two-step procedure
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of enzyme substrates
  • Suitable for use with non-aqueous mountants


More Information
Unit Size 500 ml
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, In situ hybridization
Format Ready-to-Use


Product FAQs

I am using Methyl Green (H-3402) as a counterstain for my IHC, but the stain is a little weak. What suggestions do you have to increase the staining intensity?

Methyl Green counterstain does take a little bit of optimization in some applications. We would suggest heating a volume of the counterstain (~300 ml) to 60 °C and add to a Coplin jar or similar glass staining rack, and submerse the slides. This approach facilitates a better uptake of stain into the section compared with placing the slide on a heated surface and placing drops of stain onto the section. Following the incubation time (~3-5 min), remove slides and wash in tap water. Omit the acetone, acetic acid rinse step described in the instructions and move the slides directly into 95% ethanol for the dehydration, clearing and mounting process. This methodology will retain more stain in the nuclei and hence produce greater intensity.


Technical Information

Counterstain/Substrate Compatibility Table

This table is designed as a reference to determine the optimal counterstain/substrate combination for your application.
Counterstain Compatibility Chart

Optimize Counterstain Intensity

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