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Agarose-GLAGLLAR-Azide (CCT-1581)



Agarose-GLAGLLAR-Azide is an agarose resin that is pre-activated with azide groups linked to the agarose resin through a short synthetic peptide containing a tryptic cleavage site. The alkyne-modified proteins, or their post-translationally modified forms, are captured from complex protein extracts on the Agarose-GLAGLLAR-Azide resin. Once covalently attached to the resin via copper catalyzed click chemistry, beads can be washed with highest stringency virtually eliminating any non-specifically bound proteins to yield a highly enriched population of nascent molecules. Upon tryptic digestion, this yields a highly pure peptide pool that is ideal for mass spectrometry (e.g., LC MS/MS) based analysis. Importantly, alkyne-modified targeted peptides can be easily identified by MS analysis, providing a confirmation by a mass shift of 172.10 Da


Unit Size2 ml
Enrichment target
Alkyne-modified proteins
Batch or column purifications
Activation level
5-12 µmol azide groups per mL resin
Bead sizeSpherical, 50-150 µm
Support6% Cross-linked agarose
Formulation50% slurry
Preservative20% ethanol
AppearanceOff-white slurry
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

Selected References

  1. Shao, Y., et al. (2021). Enhancing Comprehensive Analysis of Newly Synthesized Proteins Based on Cleavable Bioorthogonal Tagging. Anal Chem.93 (27), 9408-9417. [PubMed]

Applicable patents and legal notices are available at legal notices.

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