Species on Species Detection

When your primary antibody is the same species as your specimen

When a primary antibody is made in the same species as your specimen, the secondary antibody cannot distinguish that primary antibody from endogenous immunoglobulins. This causes high background staining and obscures antigen-specific staining.

Use VECTOR® M.O.M.® (Mouse on Mouse) Kits to significantly reduce endogenous mouse Ig staining when using mouse antibodies on mouse tissue.

  • Eliminate tedious calculations and primary antibody pre-binding steps
  • See clear, crisp, specific staining
  • Introduce two or more labels in a multiple antigen labeling protocol (detect several mouse primary antibodies on the same tissue section)

The VECTOR M.O.M. Kits:

  • Contains proprietary M.O.M. Mouse IgG Blocking Reagent
  • Employ either avidin-biotin or polymer technology
  • Are compatible with fluorescent or enzyme-based detection
  • Are available with or without enzyme or fluorochrome

You can have excellent staining results — for a once difficult application — with the VECTOR M.O.M. Kits.

Mouse colon: Smooth muscle actin (m), Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) Basic Kit, VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kit, VECTOR Red Substrate (red).
Mouse skeletal muscle (frozen, unfixed): Double label - Alpha-sarcoglycan (m), M.O.M. Fluorescein Kit (green). Muscle specific actin (m), M.O.M. Basic Kit, Texas Red® Avidin DCS (red).

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