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Celebrating 40 Years



The trusted staining system in any laboratory, still the IHC Gold Standard



  • High sensitivity and low background
  • Unwavering reliability and reproducibility
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile
  • Avidin/biotin technology
  • Choice of enzyme and species format


Pair with an ImmPACT™ Substrate and increase your signal 

  • Greater sensitivity than conventional substrate powders or tablets
  • Convenient - all reagents in stock solutions eliminating wait times for mixing and dissolving of powders or tablets
  • Safe handling - reagents provided in dropper bottles
  • Optimized diluent included in all ImmPACT™ substrates
  • Stable working solutions for ImmPACT™ HRP Substrates (up to 14 days at 4°C)
  • Long shelf life - All ImmPACT™ substrates have a one year expiration date


ImmPACT DAB Substrate ImmPACT SG Substrate ImmPACT NovaRED Substrate ImmPACT VIP Substrate ImmPACT AEC Substrate ImmPACT AMEC Red Substrate ImmPACT Vector Red Substrate
ImmPACT™ DAB HRP Substrate  ImmPACT™ SG HRP Substrate ImmPACT™ NovaRED HRP Substrate ImmPACT™ VIP HRP Substrate ImmPACT™ AEC HRP Substrate ImmPACT™ AMEC Red HRP Substrate ImmPACT™ Vector Red AP Substrate



Catalog Number

ImmPACT™ Peroxidase Substrates

ImmPACT™ DAB HRP Substrate SK-4105
ImmPACT™ SG HRP Substrate SK-4705
ImmPACT™ NovaRED HRP Substrate SK-4805
ImmPACT™ VIP HRP Substrate SK-4605
ImmPACT™ AEC HRP Substrate SK-4205
ImmPACT AMEC™ HRP Substrate SK-4285

ImmPACT™ Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate

ImmPACT™ Vector® Red AP Substrate SK-5105


Thank you for being a part of Vector Labs' success story these past 40 years. We will continue to strive for excellence in our product offerings and your customer experience in the next 40 years.

All the best,
From all of us at Vector Labs

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