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VECTOR Hematoxylin QS

Catalog Number: H-3404

Availability: In stock

Unit Size: 100 ml

Small Bowel:  Cytokeratin 8/18 (m), ImmPRESS Anti-Mouse Ig Kit, DAB Substrate Kit (brown), Hematoxylin QS (blue).  Zoom



    • Modification of Mayer’s hematoxylin developed especially for immunocytochemistry
    • Provides crisp blue nuclear staining
    • Ready-to-use without filtration
    • Requires no separate “blueing” step
    • Stains in less than 45 seconds
    • Contains no mercury
    • Provides excellent color contrast with most commonly used peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase substrates
    • Suitable for use with nonaqueous and aqueous mountants

    Additional Information

    Catalog Number H-3404
    Unit Size 100 ml
    Country of Manufacture United States
    Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, In situ hybridization
    Format Ready-to-Use
Additional Info


    Vector Hematoxylin QS (H-3404), a modification of Mayer s hematoxylin developed especially for immunocytochemistry, provides crisp blue nuclear staining. This formula is ready-touse without filtration, requires no separate blueing step, and stains in less than 45 seconds. Vector Hematoxylin QS contains no mercury and provides excellent color contrast with most commonly used peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase substrates. This counterstain is suitable for use with nonaqueous and aqueous mountants.

    Counterstain/Substrate Compatibility Table

    This table is designed as a reference to determine the optimal counterstain/substrate combination for your application.
    Counterstain Compatibility Chart

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    Protocols/Data Sheet/SDS

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