VectaCell™ Acridine Orange for Live Cell Imaging of Organelles

Cat. No: CB-2000
Price: $85.00
Unit Size: 2 ml



  • A fluorescent dye used to stain acidic organelles (lysosomes, autosomes or yeast vacuoles) in live cells
  • At low pH (inside the organelles) - emits an orange fluorescence (peak at 590 nm)
  • Supplied as a convenient stock solution (makes 2 L total solution).
Cat. No. CB-2000-2
Unit Size 2 ml
Country of Manufacture United States
Applications Immunofluorescence, Cellular Imaging
Microscopy Fluorescence
Color of Fluorescence Orange
Cellular Stain Endosomes, Lysosomes

More Information

VectaCell Acridine Orange is a fluorescent dye that can be used to stain acidic organelles, such as lysosomes, autosomes or yeast vacuoles. At low pH (inside the organelles), it will emit an orange fluorescence (peak at 590 nm). For optimal endosome visualization use a blue light excitation (475 nm).

VectaCell Acridine Orange also binds nucleic acids. When bound to double-stranded DNA, it emits a green fluorescence (525 nm); when bound to RNA it fluoresces red (650 nm). For optimal DNA visualization use a 502 nm excitation. For optimal RNA visualization excite at 460 nm.

Safety Information

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