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Euonymus Europaeus Lectin (EEL)

EEL consists of six closely related lectins with isoelectric points between pH 4.3 and pH 4.7. Most of the 35 kDa subunits appear to consist of two disulfide linked chains of about 17 kDa. This lectin has a carbohydrate binding specificity toward type 1 or type 2 chain blood group B structures but will bind other oligosaccharides containing galactosyl (α-1,3) galactose. Unlike Ulex europaeus and Lotus tetragonolobus lectins, EEL has a high affinity toward type 1 chain blood group H structures. This lectin has been reported to bind to endothelial cells from human and non-human sources and recognizes carbohydrate structures on the surface of stimulated murine peritoneal lymphoid cells. 

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