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Vector Laboratories’ counterstains are specially prepared, thoroughly tested and packaged as convenient, ready-to-use solutions for use on individual slides or in staining dishes. Our counterstains stain cell nuclei and are recommended for interpretation of tissue morphology. A straightforward step by- step protocol is provided with each counterstain.

 Vector Labs offers counterstains that produce three different colors - blue (Vector Hematoxylin, H-3401, and Vector Hematoxylin QS, H-3404), green (Vector Methyl Green, H-3402) and pink (Vector Nuclear Fast Red, H-3403).  Vector Hematoxylin is based on Gill’s formulation and is mercury free.  Vector Hematoxylin QS, the quick staining formula, is based on Mayer’s formula, requires no separate blueing step, and stains in less than 45 seconds.  Vector Methyl Green is a superior formulation of methyl green suitable for use with a wide range of enzyme substrates (see compatibility chart below).  Vector Nuclear Fast Red Counterstain stains nuclei pink in a rapid, one-step procedure.

 Please consult the table for counterstain compatibility with substrates for best results. 

Counterstain Compatibility