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Enzyme Blocking Reagents

Tissues can contain endogenous peroxidase, pseudoperoxidase, and/or alkaline phosphatase activity that will produce background staining if an alkaline phosphatase and/or peroxidase detection system and corresponding substrates are used. BLOXALL™ Endogenous Peroxidase/Alkaline Phosphatase Blocking Solution (SP-6000) inactivates endogenous peroxidase, pseudoperoxidase, and alkaline phosphatase in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, frozen tissue sections, and cell preparations in a single 10 minute incubation step. This reagent is provided as a ready-to-use reagent in a convenient dropper bottle.

Alternatively, if an alkaline phosphatase development system and substrate are used, Levamisole Solution (SP-5000), an inhibitor of alkaline phosphatase, can be added to the alkaline phosphatase substrate solution. Levamisole does not inhibit the isoenzyme used for either the VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP, ImmPRESS_AP reagents or other alkaline phosphatase conjugates. It is supplied as a 100x concentrated stock in a conenient dropper bottle.